by humans

a brand strategy agency for + by real humans.



stories are the heart 

of the human experience. They are how we understand the world and relate to each other. 

We want to help you tell yours.

Often, when starting a company we get so caught up in the What we forget about the Who. But, in our world today - where brands aren't just selling mattresses or razors, but a way of being - your stories, your tribe, your essence is important.

At by humans we believe that good storytelling has a ripple effect. We can create friendships, communities and spark movements.

And heck, we can even change the world.


who we are


by humans is a brand and storytelling agency that works exclusively with female-led, consumer-facing organizations.

We were founded by the ultimate storyteller, Katina Mountanos. After creating On Adulting, a platform for millennial women with an audience of over 17,000 people, she realized she wanted to help other women tell their story better. 

To connect with their people more.

And - to make a positive dent in our world


what we do

We're human beings first and foremost.

But, we approach branding and storytelling in a holistic, strategic manner. 

Nothing happens in silos in our world [that's our feminine, multi-tasking brain talking].

We typically work in three phases:

- The Brainstorm

- The Strategy

- The Implementation. 

We work with our partners across brand strategy, storyboarding, social media, digital marketing, influencer + partner management, and community engagement.

And, you know what's special about us? Katina is always on call for support across organizational and leadership questions - as well as personal coaching for founders. 

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The Support

Throughout our time working together, we will always be there to support you and your team regarding leadership, organizational strategy, personal development & wellness. 


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